As residents supporting to Keep Vaughan Green gear up to oppose the development of The Country Club Golf Course (The Board of Trade),  there is and will continue to be the need for volunteers.  This golf course is one of the last significant green-spaces in The City of Vaughan and The Muzzo Group of Companies is seeking to rezone 229 acres with a application that would see over 600 homes and town homes.

volunteer hands upAre you tired of land developers destroying The City of Vaughan’s green-spaces?   If you said yes or even just felt a little emotion deep down inside, then you need to do something about it.  You need to join other like minded individuals.  Together, we can make a difference and send a loud and clear message to all developers who threaten what is beautiful and deserving of our nurture and respect!  The residents demand and expect this Mr. Developer!

We welcome anyone no matter what you bring with you to the cause and age is not a barrier!  Every man, woman and child can make the difference and when we work together as a unified people, we are POWERFUL!

Please join the cause and lets KEEP VAUGHAN GREEN starting with The Country Club Golf Course (Board of Trade).



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