About Us


We are a group of CONCERNED RESIDENTS who DO NOT want to see the disappearance of the green-space lands over the The Country Club Golf Course (The Board of Trade). This historic green-space is a significant and special place.  It is part of the heritage of our community. It provides beautiful vistas along the winding bends of Clarence Avenue in the heart of Woodbridge. A serene setting that gives a sense of well-being and calm in our busy lives. This is a site we CRAVE to see in the midst of urbanization – characterized by vast green-space and towering mature trees. Our mission is to STOP THIS DEVELOPMENT! With your support, we can make this happen!

Keep Vaughan Green (herein KVG) intends to work collaboratively with all ratepayers associations and environmental groups.  KVG will strongly oppose the application for development on the lands previously known as the Board of Trade Golf Course.


(Ratepayers associations have a broader mandate than this issue alone;) the KVG movement was initiated by residents that are directly impacted by the application to amend the Official Plan and zoning by Clubhouse Properties Inc.  


KVG will take a more focused, disciplined, timely, orchestrated and active role in submitting a strong objection to the above mentioned proposed development.


We have identified that the steady and consistent erosion of our open green spaces and natural heritage is not isolated to Woodbridge but rather a systemic issue that encompasses all of Vaughan.


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