ICB Voted Down Again!

Representatives of KVG attended a Council meeting at the City of Vaughan on May 23. Tony Carella re-presented his resolution (which he also presented at the May 8th Committee of the Whole meeting) to implement an Interim Control Bylaw that would safeguard the golf course lands to the current state for one year (and renewable for a second year) so that all studies could be completed.
When it was presented for a vote, the following councillors voted as follows:
Mayor, Maurizio Bevilaqua – No
Regional Councillor, Mario Ferri – No
Regional Councillor, Gino Rosati – No
Councillor, Sandra Leung-Racco – No
Councillor, Sundra Singh – No
Councillor, Rosanna DiFrancesca – No
Councillor, Tony Carella – Yes
Councillor, Marilyn Iafrete – Yes
The Oakville Mayor and Council said Yes to the Interim Control Bylaw of the Glen Abbey Golf Course. Our Mayor and Council have said No to the Interim Control Bylaw. Why? This is an election year for City Council. Be sure to make your voice be heard!
KVG will continue to be the voice of the residents, but we will need your support.


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