April 3oth Community Meeting Recap

Monday April 30, 2018, Keep Vaughan Green hosted their very first community meeting!  Over 300 people showed up and the room was brimming with passionate and dedicated supporters!  The KVG team put together a very detailed and informative presentation covering various areas of concern pertaining to the development of The Country Club (Board of Trade) Golf Course.  Every presenter that night clearly demonstrated a strong knowledge of their respective area of focus.  Every subject was carefully explained without releasing too much information for the spies to take back to their fearless leader.  Monday nights community meeting also set the stage for KVG to introduce their legal counsel, Mr. David Donnelly who is a respected and well known advocate for the environment.  David’s knowledge of the subject lands and its deep indigenous history was an eye opener for the residents in attendance.  David’s presentation clearly without question convinced every single person in attendance that The Board of Trade Golf Course is a unique heritage landscape which should be protected and conserved for future generations to enjoy!


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