No Again To The Developer!

March 21, 2018 at Emily Carr High School, took place the second informal information meeting between the Woodbridge residents and the consultants for the developer of the Board of Trade Golf Club, whose proposal wants to build about 660 mixed units, replacing much of the green space.  The proposal traces also a maze of streets that will choke traffic flow in the area and put an end to the tranquil existence of many current residents.  Like the meeting organized by Tony Carella on behalf of the developer two weeks earlier, this meeting drew a large and energized crowd.  In the presence of local politicians, (Carella, Singh, Rosati, De Francesca and Del Duca), the consultants made yet another boring and misleading presentation of the “studies”, paid by the Developer, designed to boost his proposal.  The residents, young and old, weren’t going to have wool pulled over their eyes and did not buy a single word of the sales pitch.  They voiced their opposition with a resounding NO to the proposal.   Absolutely no compromise!

One elderly resident, with ire in her voice, delivered a strong message to the Developer: “You are not creating a community, you are destroying ours!”  This sentiment echoed throughout the gymnasium, amplified by the applause of all present.

It proved to be a painful evening for the consultants.   When their spokesperson was asked to name three benefits of this proposal, he hummed, and puffed and chocked, for he could not articulate a single one!

Seeing the sorry performance of the consultants and the articulate and passionate remarks of the residents, all councillors (except De Francesca) present took the mike to state that they stood with the community and against this proposal.  Let this be remembered as a promise in this election year!

There should be no debate about opposing this ill-conceived proposal by a very rich developer, greedily wanting a few more millions, at the expense of the wellbeing of our community, and our natural and historical heritage.  We live after all under a democratic system.  The Developer, one individual, wants to change our official plan, and abuse many by-laws, while thousands of residents want the official plan to stand as is, and vow to defend the bylaws that protect the trees, the water, the fauna and flora of our beautiful Humber Valley, and the safety and tranquillity of our streets.

Resist then this power grab. The message to the Developer, strong, loud and clear: NO!!!


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